Tuesday, 28 February 2012

What to do when you don't want to spend money and ....

You're addicted to ebay... 'My name is Miss P and I have been addicted to ebay for the last 5 years', there I have said it. Ebay holds a fascination for me that I can't explain, I buy just about every thing on it and have found things that I never knew I needed. A Louis XIV mirror made only of coral and shells (sounds hideous but is beautiful), a vegetable cutter that can cut any hard vegetable up to 16 feet long in a single cut, an oil painting of a small boy fishing and catching a baby mermaid (perfect for the bathroom), an antique lace handkerchief which was used at the coronation of Queen Victoria, meat flavoured doggy toothpaste (pooch isn't keen on the mint variety available at the vet).  The list goes on, sometimes I visit ebay with no desire to buy, but just challenge it to find things that I think simply can't be found, and yet by visiting all of the sites, .co.uk, .com, .fr, .it etc you can always find pretty much everything.
Just before Christmas I had a huge clear out and sold about 200 items on ebay, I am not very good at how it all works and have only just discovered that all of my sales, which in the main amounted to 99p an item, have generated enough money to keep me ebaying until today.
Another clear out is required to keep me in the black.  The trouble is I have bought clothes for every eventuality, and however dated they may be, selling them is almost like letting go of a dream.
I bought this in my early twenties as I thought it would be the perfect 'mother of the bride' outfit, and yes it was for me, not my mother (I never had bride fantasies as I am happier in life with a supporting rather than starring role).  I am not sure what possessed me, but I had a vision of gold silver hair worn in a bun, a light tan and this peach ensemble. Without daughters, it is unlikely to come in useful and so I think this one is for Ebay and I will ONLY sell it to a mother of the bride.

Ok so now in no particular order, this is a Vanessa Bruno top, it cost a lot, when I wore it pre weightloss, it looked nothing like this, I looked like the sugar plum fairy (who had eaten a lot of plums).  I had never realised it was meant to be off the shoulder, but trying it on, I quite like it. Should I keep it?
And this Reem Acra silk trouser suit, fitted me when I was larger, it's a bit swishy, but Bourbon and Pearls and her man from Atlantis post has me all confused.

These three dresses were from my 'cover all days', I  have that new weight loss thing of wanting to show that  indeed the weight is gone, but I quite like the dresses.  They are just so easy to throw on and do I really want to sell them for 99p?
This top  is by Nina Ricci, I will probably never own anything from the label again, and it fits, I think it was relegated to a far flung wardrobe because I couldn't get it on.  This is a keeper.
This is a pure silk Day Birger Mikkelsen  but I'm thinking no to this one, the colours are too light and it is on the large side (yay!). But I am also thinking, I could put the weight back on and would be great with a cardigan for a grand child's christening (damn this forward planning).
This is 80s Valentino, I had it shortened from a longer length, but I think not enough, it is so well made, I can't bear that it won't be appreciated so may be I should hang on to it.

These were fashion whimsies that I never wore the pink is Jenny Packham and the green Donna Karan black label (I bought it in case Tinkerbell was ever needed as a fancy dress outfit). But I could neither pull on the skirt nor button the top. Now that the fastenings meet, I'm thinking the green matches my green skin. But the pink, despite having had a price tag that I am ashamed to admit, it is awful and I think needs to go to a fairer more petite home, where it could be beautiful.
Any opinions would be gratefully appreciated, please be harsh, these have been in a case for about 10 years so I won't be insulted!
I forgot these, the excuse for the first picture...

They are from an old Dolce e Gabanna collection, I put them on once, but was unable to do up the button (or the zip) and those that I love, laughed, very kindly, but they laughed, now they fit as they should and remind me of the above, but am I just dreaming?....


  1. Oh boy, I love so many things here!
    The Reem Acra is stunning, keep it, and I love that Nina Ricci top, the Valentino dress, the green dress - I'm in lust!
    Oh off to watch a doco on TV about exercise, are you watching it?

    1. Get over to Chic at any age, she has pot on the show. I have just finished watching it and left a comment, would love to hear your take on it!

    2. yes there is an 's' missing, I am not suggesting pot is Chic's thing!

  2. Let me pick up my jaw that seems to have unhinged itself. First of all, I had no idea you've got kids old enough to make you think of grandbabies. Secondly, your figure is incredible! In fact, you've inspired me to stay on my exercise routine. I was ogling (in the nicest possible way) your figure so I wasn't even looking at your clothes.

    Thank you for the hilarious post. I couldn't stop laughing!

    1. No grandchildren in the offing, but who knows what might happen over the next 20 odd years, never say die! I like to be prepared for every eventuality however remote. The exercise routine thing is interesting, I would swear that it is the exercise that has changed my body shape completely, but according to last night's tv for some people it makes not a jot of difference.

  3. You have a fabulous figure! :-) I love the blue trouser suit.


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