Friday, 24 February 2012

A Spa day in Budapest; Oxygen

The Szecheny spa in Budapest is certainly my style, it has 15 pools and some fairly serious medicinal treatments on offer, unbelievably parts of it are free to use and the entry fee for a day is about £7!
My host wanted to take me to, Oxygen, the latest temple of well being to open in Budapest.  Sadly from the outside it is just like any of the more fancy David Lloyd or Virgin Clubs in the UK and I struggled to see to see what there was to get excited about in comparison to the old style spas.
It is very 'modern' and I guess everyone (particularly those under 40!) is looking for something different from the status quo, but for me it was a little style over substance.  It reminded me of a James Bond villain's abode.
The entry was £20 and I got an additional day free as long a I took it within 10 days, unbelievable value for what is on offer.
There is one large pool and then about 15 saunas and steam rooms at various temperatures. It is set high on hill and some of the saunas are glass with views over Budapest which certainly makes sweating more interesting. There is also a plunge pool that is just above zero, the longest I could stay in was for 10 seconds, you are meant to do 40 seconds, but it added to the whole experience.
There is a proper medical centre, aquarium and haute cuisine, healthy restaurant with really great lo cal food.
The Hungarians are very good at their 'lifestyle'. Couples seem to meet here after work, work out and then eat something delicious, it is very accessible with lots of parking so pretty stress free.
The membership is £140 a month, so I am not sure how many locals can really afford it.

It was a fabulous spa day at a fraction of the cost of the UK, I didn't have treatments, but worked out in the gym and did classes which were very professional.
It was easy luxury, but next time I shall definitely be heading to Szecheny for the more authentic experience!

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