Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Daily Diet Update

Today current weight: 61.2 kg/135lbs/9 stone 9lbs 
Yesterday Exercise; 20 minutes on cross trainer, 1 hour running
Yesterday Food intake;
Breakfast; two eggs, dehydrated greens and water, coffee (all coffees macchiato)
Mid morning snack; coffee, banana, nuts and raisins
Lunch; whole avocado and two eggs on bed of lettuce 
Afternoon; cup of tea with sunflower seeds and mixed fruit and slice of fruit cake and two clementines
Dinner; steak and half a pack of broad beans, half a pack of peas, two glasses of wine
Evening snack; two milky ovaltines

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  1. Oh that was a hardcore day, I need oodles of carbs with every meal to survive. I'm weighing in tomorrow, don't want to , we went out for a curry and oy, LA is ten days away now.


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