Saturday, 18 February 2012

The Onyx, Budapest

Budapest is a great weekend destination, the two and a half hour flight from London puts some people off, but the beauty of the city and the value for money is astounding and makes that additional hour, well worth it even for a two night stay.
5 star hotels, in the grande dame sense of the word, start from as little as £50 a night, and they are more opulent and luxurious than anything that Paris can offer at ten times the price.  This is how Prague started a decade ago, it is well worth a visit before the rest of Europe discovers it.
I was lucky to be meeting a friend who lives there and made sure that we visited the best of everything, starting with the Michelin starred 'Onyx' restaurant, which is intensely glamorous with food to rival the best that London has to offer.

There were menus from about £40 to £80 a head, similar offerings in the UK and France would be those once in a lifetime meals where you know you will get not much change from £700 for two.

Unfortunately I got my outfit completely wrong, this would have been a great opportunity to completely overdress, but I had no idea about Hungarian glamour.  The ladies dress beautifully, everything is perfectly accessorised and their grooming is impeccable.  I wore a black fitted duchesse satin skirt, with chiffon top and grey boots and pashmina, even the grannies were more funky than my funereal attire.


  1. I love Budapest! Everything is still relatively inexpensive there. The architecture, shopping and dining options are outstanding and it's nice to be able to see a currency other than the Euro (although many places do accept it).

  2. Budapest is on my vacation place list (along with Prague), one of our close friends used to teach English in Hungary 10 years ago and she still talks about it today. I would love to do an Eastern European tour, I have been to Poland before and would like to see it again, also want to see Vienna, Salzburg, etc etc etc...


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