Monday, 27 February 2012

Daily Diet Update

Today current weight: 61.2 kg/135lbs/9 stone 9lbs 
Yesterday Exercise; 1 hour vigorous dog walking
Yesterday Food intake;
Breakfast; seeds, dehydrated greens and water, coffee (all coffees macchiato)
Mid morning snack; coffee
Lunch; 3 small medallions of pork on 1/2 a suede crushed with celeriac and peas and baked potato with a cream, cider and apple source (2 tablespoons)
Afternoon; cup of tea with sunflower seeds and prunes about 1/2 a cup and 1/2 a cup of strawberry crunch cereal
Dinner; two scrambled eggs, 50g of mixed seeds and nuts and raisins
Evening snack; camomile and honey tea a small slice of rich fruit cake
I haven't been particularly careful over the last few days, so the apparent weight loss could simply be because I weighed myself earlier in the morning today and didn't have much to eat last night.


  1. Not sure how you manage with such a small breakfast I would be starving by mid morning. You didn't look as though you needed to loose weight in your photo wearing the white trousers.

  2. I have about 100 g of sunflower seeds which is 500 calories which really surprised me when I checked to write this.
    Now it is more maintenance, I gain really easily, I was once over 15 stone and dread the slow creep. That's really why I am keeping this, if it starts to go wrong hopefully I will spot a pattern!

  3. oh dear, oh dear, oh deary me, you've got in a very bad way with food? you weigh it? see me for a stiff talking to! froogs in the world of common sense and sexy bums!

    1. No no i don't weigh it, god forbid, or count calories, life is way too short. I just guess! But I have lost quite a lot of weight by NOT doing either of the above, read more posts and you will get the gist! As I write this I am eating fruit cake and drinking tea, so not quite the bastion of self-control that it may seem!

  4. Oh Miss P, we are like twins with our content vigilance, like you I am drawn to the dark side and yet don't want to be that big ever again.


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