Saturday, 25 February 2012

Daily diet update

Today current weight: Not sure (haven't been to the gym and my own scales I am loathed to replace as they stick permanently at 9 stone regardless of my actual weight which can be quite uplifting!)
Yesterday Exercise; 15 minutes cross training, 15 minutes rowing (hard), one hour body conditioning
Yesterday Food intake;
Breakfast; seeds, banana, dehydrated greens and mango juice, coffee (all coffees macchiato)
Mid morning snack; Emergen C drink and orange
Lunch 1/4 roasted chicken on bed of white and red cabbage with slow roasted tomatoes and french dressing
Afternoon; cup of tea and half a cup of dry country crunch cereal
Dinner; Large salad made with cabbage, lettuce and rocket whole pepper and cold chicken
Evening snack; 3 pitted prunes and camomile and honey tea

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