Sunday, 26 February 2012

Daily diet update

Today current weight: Not sure 
Yesterday Exercise; 2 hours leisurely dog walking
Yesterday Food intake;
Breakfast; muffin top, dehydrated greens and mango juice, coffee (all coffees macchiato)
Mid morning snack; none
Lunch; strips of chicken on bed of lettuce, with pieces of cheese, cranberry and red grapes with raspberry vinegar and oil dressing. Pudding; chocolate yoghurt ice cream and two squares of a brownies
Afternoon; cup of tea and carrot cake and scone with cream, 2 small sandwiches with turkey and ham
Dinner; dehydrated greens, two bowls of homemade soup (made with stock from roast chicken and chopped  leeks, carrots and peas)
Evening snack; camomile and honey tea
I made these unappetising banana muffins for breakfast and picked the crispy tops off a couple of them (why are the crusty bits the most tempting?!)
Unfortunately the combination of wheat and sugar is never a good way to start the day and I was famished from then on.
This was compounded with waiting too long for lunch and eating not enough protein so that it barely touched the side.  I needed more sugar like a woman possessed and after the frozen yoghurt, was looking forward to my next hit.  I knew the evening would be one of constant grazing, so I tried to rebalance with some dehydrated greens. This did the trick and the soup satisfied with out thought of further calories.  


  1. You see, I can't eat protein for breakfast, if I don't have wheat and sugar I am utterly miserable. Protein just doesn't fill me up at all.

  2. I am sure that different body types need different nutrients. I can eat a loaf of bread (sliced with jam and honey etc)and still be hungry, not just have an appetite, be really ravenous. The DNA diet is really interesting as it takes your 'make-up' into account. It would be fascinating to hear if their analysis bears out what you already know to be true about yourself.


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