Friday, 24 February 2012

Daily diet update

In the interests of science and posterity, I thought I might start to keep a daily journal of exercise expenditure and food intake. As I get older it could be a useful reference.
Today current weight 61.7 kg/9 stone 10/ 136 pounds
Yesterday Exercise; one body balance class, one dog walk one hour
Yesterday Food intake;
Breakfast; seeds, an orange, dehydrated greens and mango juice, coffee (all coffees macchiato)
Lunch 12 large prawns and salad, banana, coffee
Afternoon; large slice of gooey chocolate cake and earl grey tea
Dinner; Bruschetta with rocket salad,  Veal milanaise and chips (only ate about 10 chips)
Evening snack; 8 pitted prunes and camomile and honey tea


  1. Lovely healthy diet, I just ate my first ever dehydrated greens yesterday - inspiral dehydrated wasabi wheatgrass kale cashew thin gummy, oh they were utterly delicious a new addiction has been born.

  2. This was a bad day! Chips and battered meat!! I am not looking forward to my weigh in on Monday! My greens are revolting, they taste like slurry, but are meant to be good for the health. Yours do taste a little more flavoursome, where did you find them?

  3. Oh mine are amazing, but almost too good to be true, they're from Whole Foods which has just opened here, I've just emailed them to check the calorie count. What a saddo.

  4. How exciting, I shall be hotfooting to the one in Kensington when I am near!


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