Sunday, 19 February 2012

What to do when you don't want to spend money and....

....the weather is like this, cold, grey, overcast and threatening to snow....
Start by clearing clutter to rediscover missing items that were loved and lost

This outfit is everything that I thought I would never wear; jeggings (ugh!), too short dress (double ugh!) and Uggs which I promised that I would NEVER EVER buy.  And yet, so practical for the job in hand and so difficult to get out of once worn.

Finally sort out shoes with the promise of a reward...

There are two pairs in each box and they are sorted by colour and season.
And the reward, a Chablis Premier Cru from Lidl (of all places!) for only £12.99.
Significantly less costly than an afternoon shoe shopping in Knightsbridge and much more fun.


  1. Oooh that's a lot of shoes!
    Those are the clothes I live in all week, people always ask me to do more oufit posts but I only get dressed at the weekends!

  2. I buy clothes but don't really care about wearing them or putting them together, weirdly the prospect of photographing them, has made me much more conscious, present and appreciative (I haven't converted to Buddhism!)

  3. Like the clear shoe boxes, mine are all over the place and I can never find a pair!


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