Friday, 3 February 2012

Spot the Dior...

Do you remember the first few collections that John Galliano did for Dior?  He created some of the most beautiful couture gowns that I have ever seen.  From the mid 2000s the collections started to get a little more surreal and then there was the public fall from grace.  These early dresses weren't just beautiful, they were also completely wearable.  I wonder if Amanda Harlech had more influence than anyone ever credited her for.
My budget has never stretched to couture, but I did buy a couple of pieces from the ready to wear collections and the detailing almost raises them  to a couture level.

Spot which of the blue jackets was the original Dior,a friend had it copied in Thailand for me as the very wide pockets were sometimes a little unwearable for every day (answer below).  I was going to sell some of these bits on ebay, but after looking around the boutiques at the offering for SS12, there is nothing that compares with the quality and the workmanship.

(answer the one on right is Dior)

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