Friday, 17 February 2012

Just coasting

Bicester Village used to be a rare treat, but now it is 10 minutes away, I haven't visited since the Summer of last year.  Snow restricting travel, I thought the parking and restaurants might be bearable last week.
There, I rediscovered a brand that I had always worn in my plumper days; Coast.  I have been walking past without pausing, anxious about memories of squeezing into size 16s (and the sizing is generous at Coast).  But that ghost is resting and I decided to go in, afterall, if Coast can produce simple clothes that flatter a larger size, may be they can work on my new frame.  It was this train of thought, combined with the last chance saloon signs screaming, '90% off', that enticed me across the threshold.  And it was not disappointing, Bicester can often host a 'flash sale' sale second to none, I picked up corset tops, skirts and dresses all black and neutral duchesse satin and silk chiffon ranging from £5-£20.

The sage green wouldn't be a colour I would pick at first, but my skin has green hues and this tone will look a little Alberta Ferretti with a tan.  The cut reminded me of this ad, it just needs a little work, slightly shorter and the fabric used to create 'off the shoulder' sleeves.
I spotted this beautiful french blue skirt, it really does me no favours at all, but I just love the colour.  It will need quite a lot of remodelling, and the results will be seen soon, my inspiration will come from these old Chloe ads.

Finally I picked up this fantastic evening dress

With a little work, I am hoping to end up with something more like...


  1. Oh my God, those dresses are stunning! I really love the green one and I just can't believe that you were ever overweight although I guess that's what people say to me now.

    1. After my recent excess, I could be back on the road to plus sizes. I need to moderate immediately to stop that slippery slope from starting!


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