Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Let's debate Determinism...

...or let's talk about pretty things and shopping.
A friend of mine is working on a skin care range that is all about the inner Goddess, it will be fairly cerebral with packaging to resemble ancient tomes and quotes in Greek and Latin.  It appeals to my intellectual snob whilst lovely smelling things satisfy my perpetual dilettante.
I did wonder about the 'Goddess' word, does it push the boundary of vanity into the territory of vain and put people off?  But I've had a look at the beauty bloggers and that looks unlikely (to say the least!)
Wednesday is market day and I did my weekly veg haul, the lady who runs the stall is a Mrs Tiddlywinks doppelganger (she would be more than happy to be described as such).  She is just over four feet tall and as wide as she is tall, always immaculate with a broad Witney accent and a bubble high voice.  She is the kindest person I have ever met, her goodness just oozes from every pore, to see her makes you smile.  She changes the energy of everything in her path, and the positivity and warmth that she emanates leaves any one who comes in to contact with her happy all day.  This is a real goddess, she could be Demeter, goddess of the harvest and all things from the earth, but she's not a pseud like me and would rather be Mrs Tiddlywinks.
Later in the day I found this book, the Goddess Experience, it is so beautiful and just when I was considering 'Goddesses' I stumbled across it on sale for £2.99, less than the cost of a magazine (or a large coffee at Starbucks!) It was meant to be mine.  Gisele Scanlon, the author, is another Mrs Tiddlywinks, she works in fashion, so not how she looks, but she has just as much warmth, friendliness and that hugely under rated niceness (we were banned from using the word 'nice' both in speech and essays at school), but I say let's all embrace niceness wouldn't it make the world a nicer place (detention for that last sentence).
Within minutes of picking up the golden, bird illustrated book, I found this...

The little bird just sang to me, the the candle stand that it perched on reminded me of something I might find at Birgit Israel.  She is my favourite interior designer and I spend hours window shopping in her emporium.  Her style is a complete mix of old Hollywood glamour, a bit of scandinavian, a touch of English and French antiques, modern design, statement lighting, lots of antique gold and pieces that embrace nature.

She has a hotel near Avignon in the South of France and this shows some of her style
She also has a couple of second hand shops which are more like top end boutiques.
One is on the Fulham Roand and one on the Gloucester Road they are well worth a visit as the stock is amazing everything is really high end, it is not cheap but it is all immaculate and better edited than most of the boutiques in the area.

The bird candle holder is similar to a piece that she has in her Gloucester Road shop and was priced at around £1000, mine was reduced from £49.99 to £29!

It has these orange coloured plastic crystals dangling from  it, which rather give away its affordable price, so after much nail breaking they have been carefully removed.
With such a serendipitous day, I have done a complete U turn on the concerns over beauty products using the word goddess. What do you think? Would it put you off buying or is it just the product that is inside that matters?

This is a starting point for Determinism, copied and pasted from Wiki...
Causal (or Nomological) determinism[1] and related Predeterminism propose that there is an unbroken chain of prior occurrences stretching back to the origin of the universe. The relation between events may not be specified, nor the origin of that universe. Causal determinists believe that there is nothing uncaused or self-causedQuantum mechanics poses a serious challenge to this view (see 'Arguments' section below). Causal determinism is sometimes illustrated by the thought experiment of Laplace's demonHistorical determinism (a sort of path dependence) can also be synonymous with causal determinism.

...Mrs Tiddlywinks is far more interesting do you agree?

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