Thursday, 16 February 2012

Champagne at the Savoy

Life has been eventful over the last few days, many have passed in a drunken haze with nights fuelled by alcohol and giggles, starting on Saturday night at the newly refurbished Savoy.
The cynical part of me wanted to find fault with the results of a £220 million overhaul, but walking into the atrium I did have that magical moment that is difficult to define.  This place was at once classic, modern, interesting and beautiful, there is a lot to see and I know it will offer a good time.  Just like Marilyn at the Savoy first time around....

The shops in the atrium were inviting and there was a lot that I wanted to photograph, I had every intention of limiting my alcohol intake so that I could capture some of the beauty, plus my shoes are tricky at the best of times...

The dress is by Lungta de Fancy, a new London label, prices are reasonable, and the collection is modern and youthful but wearable. The dress was perfect for the Beaufort bar, which demands an outfit to live up to its opulence.

Unfortunately the road to hideous hangovers is paved with good intentions (and a number of cocktails and bottles of champagne)
And by the end of the evening, everything was looking like this, so I tottered to find a taxi.


  1. Oh lucky you, it's been same old, same sold here.
    You look amazing, you have throughbread pins! I've been into the Beaufort bar a few times, I love it to bits and the palm tree outside and the lobby make me quiver with excitement every time I visit.

  2. Thank you, however looking at the photo it is a little mutton dressed as lamb, it was definitely longer on the night! I am definitely going to revisit, next time for coffee, I think a little safer!

  3. No you look wonderful. My legs are going crepey now so I'm really pushing it with the Zara dress but at least it's cheap and I won't have to get wear out of it past this year.


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