Thursday, 23 February 2012

Look at my umbrella

This week's Grazia described  my new favourite skirt style a an 'umbrella', this describes it perfectly, the look is not just short and flicky, it needs to be a substantial fabric so that it sticks out with some panache.
I was first drawn to the style back in the Summer when I read this article...
I love how the legs look super svelte and a if they go on forever.
Also I think that subliminally I have been influenced by Bourbon and Pearls who has been championing this look for a while.
My hips are slim, but my waist is not, so I need a skirt style that fits across the hips and then flares out, and of course it needs to be in a fabric that will remain 'out'.  I had an old taffeta skirt in my cupboard (from about 1987!) with the right fit on the hips, but an awful length, just below the knee, makes me look like Worzle Gummidge's Aunt Sally, see a few post down where I am wearing the blue skirt from Coast, for a further illustration of how badly I suit longer unfitted skirts.

My lovely friend, who is much better with a needle and thread than I will ever be, cut about 12 inches off the bottom and lo and behold I have an umbrella skirt...

I wore it with a short jacket by Intrend, a secondary line from Max Mara, which is great quality and about 25% of the price and a Gap top and Emma Hope ankle boots.
Slightly anxious about mutton and lamb syndrome, I ventured to a work meeting, but was pleased to get quite a few compliments from ladies my own age.
Emboldened by success I invested in a taffeta frill dress from Top Shop that I pull down on to my hips for the same effect and wear with a fitted Valentino knit.


  1. I love these skirts, and just read that today!
    I sent the ASOS on win their pic back, it was just to short. And I too have legs but a wider waist.

    Oh I really took your last post to heart, I bought The Spike Diet, but I am terrified to go onto it after years of dieting, I know I have really messed up my metabolism.

  2. I'm feeling pretty brave in the subdued colours, but by summer may even be going for it in pastels! I don't know the Spike diet, but it seems to describe exactly what I was getting at in two words. If you are worried just up the exercise regime, you know the thing about the muscles continuing to burn calories for an hour or so after you stop. If you could do a couple of hours daily even for two weeks and up your calorie intake it could beat a lifetime of not eating....or you will look like Fatima Whitbread!


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