Tuesday, 13 March 2012

What kind of goddess are you?

I have been helping my friend with her new range of skincare and cosmetics, it has required a little research into the history of Roman and Greek mythology.  I studied classical civilisation at primary school, it was one of those courses that didn't lead to an O level or further study and my only memory is of hot, balmy Friday afternoons, listening to stories and feeling both somnolent and excited about the forthcoming weekend.  A combination of feelings that seems unique to childhood and I would give anything to feel again now.  With the help of endless information from the internet, it has been quite a fascinating study.

Which goddess type do you manifest? Broadly there are four differing categories and we move between them all at any given time.

Type 1
My appearance is important to me.
The life that I plan for myself in my head is (sometimes) more fantastical than reality.
Relationships with admirers are important to me and building an entourage of people who want to be with me, or want to be me seems to happen easily.
I enjoy shopping and always wear makeup, I love beach holidays and visit spas as often as time and finances allow me to.

Type 2
I have a lot of inner strength and I am the person that people come to if they have a problem.
I put others before myself and actively seek out birds with a broken wing that I can help and heal.
I am  not the centre of the life that I plan in my head, I tend to focus on what I can do for others.
I enjoy cooking and crafts and would love to have time to look after a proper vegetable garden and keep chickens.

Type 3
I am self reliant and do not need other people.
I would rather be on my own than in a bad relationship.
I am pragmatic and adapt to life as it happens rather than planning and living in the future.
I enjoy self help books and the idea of reaching my full potential.  I like yoga and would love to go on either a sailing or a mountaineering holiday.

Type 4
I am quite private and don't like to show weakness or vulnerability.
I have very clear ambitions and like to plan a strategy to achieve them.
I like to get recognition for my achievements.
I enjoy challenges and showing how resourceful I am.
I like to run and would like to train for a marathon, I enjoy rowing either in open water or on a static machine. I would rather take a series of short breaks visiting some of the most beautiful cities in Europe and beyond than spend two weeks sitting on a beach.

Which one are you?
Have you guessed which goddesses these are?

Type 1 is Aphrodite (in Marchesa above);
Aphrodites are bold, confident and active pleasure seekers.  They feel no guilt in looking after themselves and enjoying their lives.  Aphrodites exude charisma and people are drawn to them for their positivity and the joy that it is to be around them.
The Roman counterpart was Venus, Aphrodite was born when Cronus cut off Uranus' genitals and threw them into the sea and from the foam rose the goddess.

Type 2 is Demeter (in Salvatore Ferragamo)
Demeters are kind and loving, but their selflessness can lead to self-neglect and an underlying resentment to others as they become a victim of their own goodness.  Everyone wants to be with them when things are difficult, but they are not always involved in the good times
The Roman counterpart is Ceres, Demeter is the goddess of the harvest, who searched tirelessly for her daughter Persephone when she was taken by Hades to the underworld. Persephone becomes bound to Hades for most of the year, but Demeter manages to get her back during the Spring and Summer, hence the seasons as we know them.

Type 3 is Artemis (in Versace)
Artemises are creative, spirited and a little wild.  They attract people to them because they are independent and do not actively court followers. They won't be tied down and flourish on the unexpected.
The Roman counterpart is Diana, there are conflicting myths around Artemis, overall she defended the sanctity and purity of real love and would settle for nothing less herself. She was the goddess of hunting and an early feminist, as the goddess of childbirth, young girls and preventing disease in women.

Type 4 is Athena (in Marios Schwab)
Athenas place as much importance on their careers and ambitions as they do personal relationships and their family.  Their confidence can be seen as arrogance and they attract only the very strong, who can measure up to them, or the very weak, who need them.
The Roman counterpart is Minerva, she is the goddess of wisdom, strategic warfare, mathematics, law and justice.  The Parthenon in Athens was built in honour of her. Athena was born of Zeus and Metis, Zeus feared the strength of the offspring of his union with Metis, he tried to destroy Metis by consuming her, but it was too late, Athena had been conceived and was born fully armoured from his forehead.

Which goddess type do you manifest most regularly?

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