Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Daily Diet Update and Reasons to be Cheerful

Today current weight: not sure will def weigh tomorrow
Yesterday Exercise; 30 minutes machine rowing, 3 x 20 min dog walk, 1 hour yoga
Yesterday Food intake; 
Breakfast; coffee, cereal, banana
Mid morning snack; coffee, orange, almonds, apple
Lunch; missed as working
Afternoon; tea and fruit cake
Dinner; steak casserole and beans, cashews, raisins and walnuts, bowl of cereal
Evening snack; milky decaff coffee

Yesterday's Reasons to be Cheerful
1. I remembered the lime pickle in the back of the fridge, so the fifth steak casserole tasted different to the previous.
2. A book that I was about to give up on became un-put-downable
3. I discovered 'Approved Foods' via Frugal Queen and bought £300 worth of groceries for £60! 


  1. Number one is so funny!
    I'm having trouble reading my brain is turning to mush because I'm never off the internet and can't concentrate anymore.

  2. That's so true I hadn't thought of it before. If I am not engaged online within seconds I'm off, there is no hope for reading anything challenging ever again!


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