Monday, 5 March 2012

Daily Diet Update

Today current weight: not sure (forgot to weigh in at gym, but would have been a higher than last week)
Yesterday Exercise; 20 minutes dog walking
Yesterday Food intake; (what didn't I eat?)...
Breakfast; coffee, seeds, banana, grapes, grapefruit, orange
Mid morning snack; seeds with dried prunes
Lunch; roast chicken, baked potato, spinach, broccoli, cabbage, avocado
Afternoon; grazed all afternoon, grapes, clementine, nectarine, banana, fruit cake, seeds
Dinner; 1/2 cabbage, broad beans, peas, brussel sprouts, potato, steak casserole with red wine sauce, 1/4 pack of harvest crunch
Evening snack; sunflower seeds, milky Ovaltine, banana

Given up chocolate for Lent, slight Champagne induced amnesia at dinner last week, but definitely eating more as I am starting to miss it!


  1. Is the lack of chocolate is being made up for by extra fruit? You've got a pretty healthy diet I reckon!

    1. Ha yes! Calories wise I am way over the 1500 a day, can you put on weight eating fruit and veg?! Thank goodness for the market, I eat piles of the stuff, but I buy it all at knock down prices, I reckon I spend about £20 a week at the market I dread to think what this would all cost in a normal shop!
      Chocolate is on my mind pretty much constantly, it is the human condition when something is forbidden!


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