Thursday, 8 March 2012

Daily Diet Update Reasons to be Cheerful

Today current weight: 62kg (gained 1.2kg so you can put on weight just eating fuit/veg/seeds and meat!) 137 pounds, 9 stone 10
Yesterday Exercise; 1 hour aerobics, 3 x 20 min dog walk,
Yesterday Food intake; 
Breakfast; coffee, banana
Mid morning snack; coffee, apple, orange
Lunch; missed as working
Afternoon; tea and seeds, nectarine, mango, apple, plum
Dinner; roast chicken with lettuce, dill, parsley and garlic oil dressing
Evening snack; 1/4 pack harvest crunch and camomile tea

Yesterday's Reasons to be Cheerful
1. I heard from a friend who I have known since I was 15 and haven't seen for a while 
2. Midsommer Murders was on ITV3 and it was one that I hadn't seen before.
3. I had a huge tidy up and everything feels very serene


  1. Tell me about it, I blew up on Atkins and yet stuck with it for 4 months in hope - no fruit!
    Wow, 15 - I know very few folk from those days, how lovely.

    1. I once tried Atkins, but ate some dodgy prawns and had the reverse of the constipation problem, never again!

  2. Thanks a lot for commenting on my blog I am now a follower.

    I think keeping a food diary is a great idea. xx


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