Monday, 19 March 2012

Approved food delivery

 I discovered Approved Food via Frugal Queen.  This is my first delivery and I was like a child on Christmas morning when it arrived.  In total the order would normally have cost over £300, and I paid only £60 for the whole lot.  It is quite tempting to buy everything on the website, but as we don't normally eat many of the foods that they offer, I tried to stick to what I know I would normally buy.
Many of the items are luxury extras that I might buy as a treat, run out of and forget to repurchase.  There were also many of the items that I would normally find in Wholefoods and pay a small fortune for.
Some of the best deals was the 2 kg mango chutney and 2kg capers at £1.99.  The Elizabeth Shaw mints were 30p each, perfect for when I need just a bite of dark chocolate and don't want to be tempted by a big box.  The balsamic glaze sells in the local deli for £12, it was 69p!

 These seed packs sell for over £2 in Wholefoods and were 50p each. They are a little out of date, but seeing as they need to be sprouted to become edible, I am not sure that it matters at all.
 The Provamel cream tastes delicious with coffee, it is soya based and has none of the calories of real cream, but the same taste and texture, it is a real treat and I usually buy it (when I remember in Wholefoods for around £2) it was about 30p a pack.
 The crisps were literally a few days out of date, they didn't last long, I have ordered about 20 more packs!

This was most of the haul, although the really yummy stuff was already being sampled.  There were some fantastic marron glace that were eaten as they came out of the box and with what it left I was going to try to make this...

For lunch I made the spelt and tomato on a bed of lettuce and peppers, it was delicious and really filling, no carb spike and ravenous hunger, kept me going until tea time no problem at all.

 I was slightly overdressed for a morning of unpacking and dividing shopping between friends and family, this dress was an ebay purchase from Coast, I was really pleased with the cut and fit, it reminds me of the Dolce e Gabanna lace dresses from last season, I tracked them down at Bicester, but they were a little disappointing and unflattering for my shape.  I am however very pleased with the fake tan! By this time in the year my skin is usually blue-y grey and I have a UV requirement to avoid looking like a corpse.  I tanned with a new formulation made by a friend of mine a week or so back (in the Connaught post) and I am really pleased with how the tan wears off, not only does it seem to have exceptional staying power, but I am not getting the usual scaley look that is more of a give away for fake tanning than the orange streaks.  As soon as I can name it, I will!


  1. Looks like you got a good haul there! I've never tried spelt (except in bread) so I must give it a go. Your dress is very pretty - and the tan looks great. I cannot find a tan that works well on me so I'd love to know what it is!

  2. Will release details of the tan as soon as I can, I am quite evangelical about it! Try the spelt, it is so easy to make and you can cook extra and have it as a cold salad the next day. I definitely get burpy and bloated with too much wheat and it doesn't have that effect on me at all. Apparently spelt has been in the food chain for thousands of years longer than wheat so we are better adapted to digest it.

  3. I've never heard of Approved Food. I'll keep them in mind. I've started to cut back on food. Grazing endlessly particularly at night isn't helping either. I've never thought of using spelt as a salad. I thought it was added to bread. That just goes to show how little I know about it. Must give it a go seeing that wheat makes me feel so groggy and bloated.


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