Friday, 16 March 2012

Daily Diet Update and Reasons to be cheerful

Today current weight: 63kg, 139pounds, 9 stone 12
Yesterday Exercise; 30 mins dog walking
Yesterday Food intake; 
Breakfast; coffee, banana
Mid morning snack; coffee, licorice sweets 
Lunch; Home made burger, salad, whole avocado, bowl of Harvest crunch cereal
Afternoon; fruit cake and tea and bowl of cereal
Dinner; large salad, Veal Milanaise (trying to eat lots of veal as read in Country Life that due to people not eating British veal because of cruelty, ironically it makes life WORSE for the poor male calves who are either slaughtered within minutes of birth or shipped to another country where standards are much lower than here.  So if you eat meat, start buying veal, it MUST be British and ideally Rose Veal that has lived outside)
Evening snack; Camomile tea with honey and bowl of Harvest Crunch cereal

Today current weight: as above
Yesterday Exercise; 1hour running with dog, 15 minutes rowing, 15 minutes cross trainer
Breakfast; Coffee and handful of seeds
Midmorning snack; Cappucino and biscuits
Lunch; Chicken Caesar Salad, apple and carrot juice, hazelnut meringue and coffee cream sauce, glass of champagne
Afternoon; Tea and Bonne Maman cake
Dinner; Venison steaks, broccoli, salad and gnocchi (venison is another rare meat, that tastes better than steak and needs to be bought in order to create a market that support the British countryside)
Evening snack; Decaff coffee, marrons glaces (sweetened chestnuts)

Today current weight; As above
Yesterday Exercise; Body balance class, 20 minutes dog walking
Breakfast; Coffee and vitamin drink
Midmorning snack; coffee
Lunch; Spelt, whole red pepper, seeds, salad
Afternoon; Tea and Bonne Maman cake, bag of dried apple rings
Dinner: Organic serloin steak, salad and french style lentils
Evening snack; Decaff coffee, marrons glaces (sweetened chestnuts)

Reasons to be Cheerful;
Weather beautiful.
Definitely getting fitter, ran (properly running not my usual plodding jogging) for two lots of half an hour and didn't stop once.
Met with friends who are a pleasure to be with, no having to be careful about saying the wrong thing, all very relaxed and informal.
I have seen a lot of family members who I don't usually catch up with, but keep doing things nearby and popping in for cups of tea.
My approved food box arrived and it is fab (will do a post on this)
Finally labelled and posted about 100 items sold on ebay hurrah!


  1. Thank you for your comments on my blog I agree sometimes I feel ashamed of being british with some of the people you see about and its true I mean all these fake talentless bimbos and well paid thugs we seem to celebrate. I think Chris Martin shows so much feeling in his performances and is a proper british icon. xx

  2. Oops I also meant to say well done on the diet. I am too trying to lose weight although you don't sound like you need to lose weight your weight is fine, but I suppose its up to each individual how they feel.
    I am a size 12 which I know is not massive however I would like to be a size 10 again xx


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