Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Daily Diet Update and Reasons to be Cheerful

Today current weight: not sure (forgot to weigh in at gym, this is becoming a habit, must try to have some trace of a memory of diet in my consciousness at some point in the day, and if not at the gym when?!)
Yesterday Exercise; 1 hour hardcore aerobics, 3 x 20 min dog walk
Yesterday Food intake; 
Breakfast; coffee, orange, 2 egg omelette
Mid morning snack; coffee, banana, almonds
Lunch; steak casserole on bed of spinach and mint
Afternoon; tea and fruit cake
Dinner; steak casserole and peas, cashew nuts, walnuts and raisins
Evening snack; milky decaff coffee

The exercise class was a really hard one, I normally have to stop in parts, but I did the whole thing until all my muscles burnt.  I am wondering if it is a combination of eating a lot more food than usual over the previous days and the 'steak stew' which I rather over catered and as I can't bear waste, will eat until it is gone.  Either way, my intensity and endurance was markedly more than usual.  Added to this, I did not feel the post exercise total exhaustion, rather was full of energy to tackle the tasks of the day.

Today is so beautiful, that I thought I might add a daily record of 3 reasons to be cheerful as well as my diet, which seems to suggest deprivation, although there hasn't been much of that recently!

There are the 'big' things that I thank God for daily, which I will list today, but each day there are really small, almost imperceptible positive things that happen and when they accumulate, can surround us in a warm glow.  
The biggies;
1. That everyone I love is healthy, recently some of my friends have been through terrible time with ones that they love, it is worse than when it is personal, I give daily thanks that I am unbelievably lucky to not have a single major illness amongst those that I care about.
2. That I am healthy, we often glibly refer to this when everything else is terrible, but having spent a day at a breast clinic after a recent scare, it was a humbling experience and I will never take health forgranted again.
3. That I have people to love and I am loved.  This gives me security and I crave it more than anything else.
4. That I can eat good food daily, yes, I budget and I am too mean to buy my mountains of vegetables and fruit anywhere other than the market.  But I am still lucky enough to eat whatever I want each day.
5. That I have a home that is warm and cosy and is my sanctuary, it may be small, but it is all that I need and when I come home it is like being in an embrace.
6. That I have friends that I see every day, friends who do not judge, envy, compete or gossip (in a nasty way) only in a really funny interesting way!  We are all completely different in age and lifestyle, but each is happy with who they are and accepts the others for who they are without any need to impose their views or opinions on the others.

These are the things that I couldn't live without and am thankful for every day of my life.

The three small things that made me cheerful today....
1. I watched a virtuous circle occur; I was let out in traffic, I stopped to allow a car to turn into the road into which I was going, they in turn stopped for the next car coming out of a side road, who in turn slowed down to let bikes come through a narrow side road.  Imagine how safe the roads would be if everyone drove like this!
2. The sun shone all day, it was cold, only one or 2 degrees, but the sunshine masked the chill and made everything beautiful.
3.The normally shy horses came to see me while I walked the dog and stood for ages letting me pet them.

What are you thankful for today? 


  1. Hi- of course slow cookers smell, they smell of cooking, tell your mum to stop fussing, it's your house, ignore herxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Ha ha! She is not one to be ignored and the nose is truly sensitive, I'll stick to cooking huge batches, it does mean I always have a 'fast food' meal in the fridge! I am so excited about my food delivery, I keep going back to the website to see if I have missed anything!

  2. Lovely post.
    I too am shirking the weigh ins just now, I can't face the reality of any weight gain as I've been having a stress filled time.
    I'm thankful for my mum still being here at 90.

    1. To be sure a certain empty headedness is needed for any dieting. Plenty of time for that when things are back to normal. I hope stress levels reduce. Still having parents is up there with the biggies that is for sure!


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