Friday, 2 March 2012

Curlylocks and the three bares, a modern day hairy tale

Once upon a time a girl lost a bet with her handsome beau and her forfeit was to bare all.
She had never gone the whole hog before and set on her quest to find a solution.  First she spoke to her local friend who was IPLing her underarm and legs, 'Well' said IPL lady,  'I can indeed deliver your heart's desire, but have you considered that you will be bare forever with never a hair to be seen again'.  The young girl imagined herself a grandmother and thought perhaps she must try something different.
Her local gym offered treatments and sure enough she was attended by a no nonsense fairy godmother whose idea of a brazilian was a large 1970s triangle.  The girl asked if a little more could be removed and by the third request, was beginning to feel like a pervert and so left sheepishly, her quest unfulfilled.
Finally she stumbled across Strip, a waxing specialist set up by a group of strippers a few year's back.  The prices are expensive, but the experience quite different to anything else.

No prudish paper paints and fiddly wax strips to be found here, simply lie in the altogether, in all sorts compromising positions whilst EVERY inch is painlessly stripped to perfection with a variety of coloured hot waxes.

Each cubicle has a tv to distract from the proceedings and the whole experience is almost quite pleasurable.
After the waxing there are beautiful rewards to be found.

And to add a touch of magic to a hairy tale, there is even a little bit of dazzle...


  1. Great title and what a beautiful place. I've done IPL, I should have had one more zapping but never got round to it so I have three or four hairs on each leg that I pluck out whenever I notice them. Same with my underarms - I always forget about those strays until hubs recoils in horror.

  2. Did you find IPL quite good? I was chatting to the therapist and she said it is not as successful as laser (but they only offer laser so I wasn't sure if the info was to be trusted!)


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