Sunday, 3 June 2012

Pilates outfit...

I have been having a wardrobe update.
My usual workout wear is normally either day glow relics from the 80s or racer backed muscle vests, perfect for pushing weight but not so good for the more ethereal classes like yoga, body balance and pilates.
I bought this ballet top from Intermezzo at and the cropped leggings from Ebay for the princely sum of £2.25 and they go from 8-22! They are quite a nice cotton lycra, not sure how they will wash but it makes a change from turquoise and purple marble effect.
I tried to clean the mirror, but have remembered that the spots are from where I painted it, it was a rather unpleasant shiny gold in its previous life.


  1. Oh you see that's my perfect hanging around the house wear right there, so comfy, and all it need is a cardigan thrown on top for greeting the postie.
    I'm still clearing out, too many of my clothes are too tight, from my young tartier days!

  2. Really lovely 'loungewear' is a bit of an anathema, I love the idea of wafting around in elasticated silk trousers so thick that they feel like water and oversized cashmere slash necked jumpers that are warm and cosy, but fall artfully to reveal a little shoulder, but the rub, is that they would be so expensive that you really wouldn't want to wear them to clean the floors or cook, so you are right leggings at £2.25 make much more sense!


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