Sunday, 24 June 2012

Dressing like a Toffifee

I have reverted to the 'this is what I am wearing' posts, which take 5 minutes and almost no thought.
I feel very superficial, but this was meant to just be fun, and weirdly more people comment on these anyway.
This post was started a couple of weeks back with this super summery outfit, boots, two jumpers and suede coat yep it's another bar b q summer!
I have added to it today as Toffifee is a great source of inspiration...

Fatal fashion blogger error (will never really be my thing) where did clothes come from.
Suede coat Morgan (does that still exist?)
Tan jeans Top Shop Jamie jeans
White jeans River Island
Jumper Zara
Copper top DVF
Bag Principles (it is a copy of an Anya Hindmarch one that I loved, but I think Principles did it better)
Boots ASOS


  1. I was going to ask about the bag, I loved that AH style too, was it something like the lautner? I know, I get most comments on my posts when I'm in it wearing an outfit, I feel a bit icky doing it too as I am so not a fashion blogger but we do all seem to like taking a peep at what real people are wearing every day.

  2. I looked up Lautner online and could only find the sinfully young but very hunky werewolf actor from Twilight. The original AH one, is really old, I think it predates most of her current (and 3 times more expensive!) designs. That one is from Wallis (not Principles), but has been in cupboard and got a bit 'bent', I'm sure original would have stood the test of time a little better!

  3. Those white jeans are fabulous! I want to find a good pair.

    I agree, the outfit posts always gets the most hits/comments (aside from decor posts) but I definitely am inspired by what others pull together for outfits.

  4. It's my new find, children's jeans, they fit better on the legs and are much finer denim! I am the same, the trouble is, if I see something I like, I am only one click away from owning it and sometimes I have trouble reining myself in!


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