Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Pretending the sun is shining...

On Saturday we were committed to a whole day outside, regardless of the weather, there would be no shelter and a minimum of 6 hours on a cricket pitch. I was torn between a cagoule, trainers and fleece trousers and dressing in the expectation of sunshine.  As my mother always says, if you expect a child to behave it will live up to it and so perhaps the same is true of the weather.
I went for all out sunshine in a Temperley top, this is meant to be a dress, although it must be for someone of fairy like delicate proportions.
These jeans are my new big find, they are age15 from Next (so VAT free hurrah! and fit better than any of my J Brand or 7 for all Mankind, which are slowly being sold off on Ebay as I am now being merciless in my  culling of jeans that do not fit just as they should).
The bag is from Anya Hindmarch and the jacket Zara, I was heading to Tonbridge in Kent, so I had to tick all the right boxes, nothing too revealing or too fashion forward and no logos!


  1. The jeans are perfect on, I'm about to list my J Brands too, they are too small and give me a terrible muffin top. I really like the whole look you've put together there.

  2. Thank you, coming from the doyenne of style that is a compliment that I am thrilled to accept! I really loved the dress you wore to tea, it was beautiful and although short not at all mutton, you don't really even notice the length until the second look, definitely a great shaped frock (and not bad pins too!)

  3. I'm so envious, the atmosphere must have been amazing, I really really wanted to go but we're off on hols on Thursday.

    The pic was taken at The Corinthian in Glasgow, it looks as if I'm trapped inside the facets of a diamond.


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