Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Bicester Village

Bicester was celebrating the jubilee in a suitably stylish way....

I loved this Cavalli collection when it was first in the shops, but I am not sure about luxe hippie any more, it seems really dated.

Anya hindmarch was had some better bargains than there have been for a while, some of the bags now starting with a £2, where it has been a £3 for the last year.
I liked all the color at Ted Baker, I am not sure what has come over me I am suddenly craving colour, I think it is the bad weather.
Pop up for London fashion designers, it was women's wear, now it is men's wear.
I think it was Missoni that got me into the colour mood, they seem to do it in a subtle way..

Tory Burch, the perfect antedote to grey British summer...
Mulberry, not much going on and still only 50% off, so could have bought for that price last year..

Marni, it just looks like H & M collection to me...
Jack Wills, actually more expensive than the sales in the shops, how does that work?

Valentino up to 90% off, they know how to do a good sale...
Matthew Williamson, really beautiful clothes that would last for ever at 75% off...
Temperley suitably patriotic, I did splash out  here...
Bought the orange dress below and matching bag.
Jimmy Choo, I just think Chinese copy...
Amanda Wakely still the best value, the most amazing silks and silk jerseys for less money than buying the fabrics and making the dress...
Where do you go for good sales shopping? Or do you prefer the ease and anonymity of online shopping?


  1. I wish this was closer, it looks such a lovely place too. I never shop in sales or catch any deals, I'm a complete mug who always pays full whack for everything.

  2. Must get to Bicester village have not been there for ages and need a new bag. May look in the sales today on my one day back in London.

    1. Bicester is great at the very end of the sales when it really is last chance saloon and everything is reduced to sell, I guess it just depends on how many tourists come through the summer.

  3. It is a very nice shopping experience and the collections are good. You would love the Max Mara, the whole collection is 70% off, even the classic cashmere camel coats, you should visit next time you are in London, they have a luxury black bus that looks like something from a rock and roll tour and picks up all over london.

  4. I would love to go there but its a long way if they only have rubbish and like you, I get annoyed if thinks are on sale for last years sale price!


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