Thursday, 7 June 2012

Wedge trainers oui ou non?

I keep seeing this style of shoe on people and looking at them enviously as I am either hobbling in heels or flat footed in trainers.
These strike a good combination between comfort, fashion and that all important leg lengthening that helps to rock any outfit.
The Ash ones bring back memories of Ginger Spice c. 1992, but the more that I see them, the more they are calling me to buy a pair.
It was love at first sight with the ASOS own version, which are conveniently cheaper, although with hindsight a little less comfortable than the Ash ones.
Now we are well and truly back in Winter, I might splash out on a second pair.

The top is the Intermezzo ballet top and the sports vest from Adidas.
The jeans are skinny from Next, another age 15 pair (so only £18), but this time less successful as the waist is much larger than on the previous white ones.
The portfolio is a vintage LV it is divided into sections and perfect for filing.


  1. They look gorgeous on you. I do love them on other people but sadly I am way too old for this style of trainer!

  2. That's what I thought, I think because I was already old when Ginger Spice wore hers, but these ASOS ones are really just like leather boots, only slightly more comfortable!

  3. Definitely a oui! I have the second ash pair and they are super comfy but I totally missed those Asos ones, seriously considering investing in another pair :)

  4. I have found a pair on ebay that I am currently winning on! So on your recommendation I feel vindicated in buying them!


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