Monday, 25 June 2012


Last week I took another trip to Bicester Village and managed to turn up an hour before opening.
I decided to walk into town, which I am sad to report doesn't seem to benefit from the millions of people at the Outlet mall.  It is one of those sad suburban towns that Mary Portas and the government are worried about, but I have to confess, I felt it was a bit lazy.  The shops did the bare minimum, beyond, 'we are here and we have stuff'; no effort was made to make things look nice or create an attractive environment to pass time in.
However I did find this....

I love the claim to being the UK's most unusual garden centre.
There is not much sense of scale with the pics, they were taken through railings, but those Lions are larger than life, about 6 foot tall...
See how the stont army dwarf the range rover in the backgroung, each one is about 20 feet tall...

Feel in need of a life sized model of Alien in your garden, we have just the thing for you...
Or a lifesized stag or rearing horse....
There was lots of natural wooden bowers and tables that I would by in a second to create a magical woodland retreat..
This fountain is about 40 feet tall...

I loved the jumping frog fountain, he is about 8 feet tall...

If definitely lives up to its claim, I took all these through railings before it was even open, I can't wait to get inside next time! 
Do you know of any secret places that pride themselves in the unusual?


  1. The alien is hilarious, somewhere in England's green and pleasant land is a person noticing a gap beside their sweet peas thinking"what I really need is a life sized alien to bring that corner to life"

    1. Yes you can image the Colonel's monocle popping out when Bunty brings this little beauty home for the rose garden.

  2. What an interesting post and sightly bonkers garden centre!
    I have been meaning to take a trip to Bichester village for a while - is it any good ?



    1. Not how it used to be, I will be doing a post I am sure as took some pics! I did splurge in Temperley on a holiday dress.


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