Monday, 4 June 2012

Red white and blue all over...(literally)

We braved the crowds and the cold weather to do our patriotic duty.  I was suitably colour coordinated and my ancient Burberry mac, was probably one of the last to be made in the UK, before Burberry decamped to China.
The atmosphere was fantastic, everyone was in such a great mood, chatting to each other and sharing flags, drinks and biscuits as we waited for Her Majesty to sail past.
We returned home to watch the BBC coverage, which was lamentable, I couldn't give a stuff about 'yuf' and regional accents, but I do care about completely moronic presenters who are unable to string a sensible sentence together or use the correct vocabulary.  The studio based 'posh bird' was just as inept as the token young good looking Northerner whose use of the English language was inferior to that of a nine year old's.
Bring back some of the wrinklies, I don't care if the presenter is in their 80s, as long as they are funny, quick witted, knowledgeable and educated!
Someone a bit more committed to getting the look than I was....


  1. Sounds like you had a great day! Glad I didn't watch the BBC coverage although would have enjoyed slagging it off by the sounds of it!

  2. I feel a bit bad as I love everything that the BBC stands for, Stephen Fry has joined the debate saying how bad it all was so makes me feel a bit better. Wouldn't he be a great front man for these kind of celebrations?

  3. Love your top and the Burberry coat, and the last picture is fantastic. It's these times I feel so "Homesick' for London and England, even though I'm really a Kiwi.

  4. Love your 'vintage' Burberry coat - what a lovely blog.
    I totally agree with you about the BBC presenters - they were so annoying and stupid.



    1. So much better when David Dimbleby and Terry Wogan hit the screens!


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