Saturday, 30 June 2012

RIP Geriatric Rapunzel thanks to Real Housewives

If someone is considering a radical change to their hair style would they normally think long and hard and consult magazines etc?

For the first time I watched a TV show about Housewives (I'm not a daytime tv person but had been trying to find updates about the flooding)Honestly!
The show came on and I was hooked with both horror and fascination, and then a sneaking suspicion that I may not be a million miles from the specimens that I was observing with such morbid curiosity.

First I watched all the blonde ladies from the OC with and their hideous pursuit of youth. And the Housewives of New York and their hideous pursuit of material possessions.

The universal factor that united the two shows was women of a certain age with locks in terrible condition trying to look young with long hair. I don't think that the rule about women over 40 and hair length should be rigidly adhered to, after all great hair is great hair at any age, if it is really lustrous and thick, but if ever there was evidence that aging hair on an aging woman is well...aging, it is in these shows.

In the advertisement break, I reached for the scissors and cut 5 inches off my own stringy rat's tails

Have you ever done any thing radical with your hair on a whim?


  1. I can't believe you did that! I need to find these programmes, sound like just my cup of tea lol! I have to confess I do have good thick hair but it was way too long for my age and I found it ageing. I had about 5 inches cut off a few months ago and much prefer it shoulder length.

    1. They are addictive! ITV2 in the morning, they seem to be on constantly so enjoy!

  2. But remember their's is made of doll's hair! I'm gasping here, I can't believe how much hair that is in the pic above! I do see your point though, I keep toying with the idea of taking mine to shoulder length, I definitely will when I turn 50, I just think it will look a lot more chic and also help thicken it up a bit.
    I really loathe their look, boobs aside, it is so horribly overdone and artificial, they all look like clones.

    1. You have amazing hair, you are like those Italian women who can keep it long way into their 70s and probably only cut it when they can't be bothered with the upkeep. I have to confess that when I do the close up pics in the mirror and put my shoulders back I get a 'fake boobs' look that for a moment made me toy with the idea of going for it, I have gone down 3-4 cup sizes after my epic weight loss, but 5 minutes of one of those shows was enough to quash that!


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