Sunday, 17 June 2012

TOWIE in Kensington

Either I have been reading too many articles on Daily about Lauren et al in Marbella, or I am suffering from that post weightloss thing; if I can get into clothes I am going to damn well wear them.  I put these together for the launch of a new cocktail bar.  It is quite glam all huge chandeliers black and dark (thank goodness) so I thought I could get away with this outfit, but with hindsight was woefully wrong as everyone else donned understated grown up designer glamour (Prada, Marni, YSL you get the picture) I looked like one of the staff in Warehouse top and New Look (kids age 13 £8!) skinny jeans. Shoes are my pretend Caovillas (Coast sale £14)!


  1. Perfect for late night lurking in a cocktail bar! I wish I had more nights out to get glammed up for, I'm back to frumpsville.
    When are you heading to St Tropez? I remember you posting about it, just in case I sound like a mad stalker.

  2. Mid July, I can't wait! This would be positively underdressed (over clothed) for even the grottiest of dives. I am planning wardrobe quite carefully and need to excavate some suitcases of clothes to get the right mix of glam boho and 1000 watt full on glamour. I would definitely love to try a few days in Cap Ferrat where by all accounts it is a little less high class hooker and more chic parisienne, but that would mean a whole lot more packing!
    Couldn't you investigate some kind of middelaged, members club? We have all been discussing the lack of 'occasion' destinations near us and there is quite serious talk of getting a lease (there are so many available now) and setting our own thing up!

  3. great outfit! I am bad for reading those articles on Daily Mail too...haha

  4. I know I go to read the headllines and 30 minutes later I am still reading about Snookie's bikini, and the worst thing is, I have absolutely no idea who Snookie is!

  5. You look amazing despite what you say ..

    I read (and write) some of those articles in the Daily Mail :)



    1. Ha! You are responsible for much of my time wasting, in fact I may have a look now. I am (even!)considering a holiday to Marbella it is so cheap and luxurious looking. Err the villas that is not the TOWIE parties.


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