Monday, 11 June 2012

Healthy food...

Today's Daily Mail ran this feature warning of the perils of healthy eating. Namely that the obsession with the nutrients of a meal removes the enjoyment of it.
For a second I wondered if it had any merit.
But as I prepared my (healthy !) lunch I realised how ridiculous the premis for the feature is.
Foods that work well together are also incredibly complimentary to each other in a dish.
I chose candied salmon (loads of natural fish oil EPAs for my skin) as the focus of the dish and then worked out what else I had that would make the dish more tasty.
I added a ducks egg (which incidentally offers more protein), an avocado (great source of vitamins) and dill and lettuce, delicious with salmon and more vitamins for health.
The roses were from M & S, they smell like summer, but are from the Autograph collection as they are scented, so sad that a real rose smell is now considered a floral upgrade.
I'm not usually a rose buyer, but I just wanted something to remind me that it really is summer!


  1. Yum - that looks mouth watering and very healthy !
    I never read health features anymore - I just eat what I think is good for me and bah to the 'experts'



  2. You are so right. My new plan is to listen only to the ones who say what I want to hear, so I am now free to drink coffee and red wine and eat chocolate, steak and double cream.


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