Sunday, 15 July 2012

Boozy weekend

This weekend has been spent in a drunken haze. Friday night was 'big birthday' of a friend who goes a long way back.  The house was beautiful, one of the couple is an interior designer and she does that effortless chic  that would seem so contrived if I attempted it.
This is the house from an interiors shoot

  I wore my black Day Mikkelsen dress, but I felt all the elegance of a cement mixer with this erudite, beautiful crowd.
On Saturday night we went to a fund raising ball at Henly Regatta, it actually stopped raining for an hour and the sun came out which is nothing short of a miracle.
The marquee was beautiful and the crowd great fun, it was like a real life episode of Midsommer Murders.

I wore a Valentino dress (from TK Maxx)think it could be a wedding dress, but I have written about my addiction to buying inappropriate outfits, here at least was a chance to wear one.


  1. I love the house, the kitchen living area is the bees knees, I'm out of my mind with drink right now, we've been out all day and I'm trying to sober up. It doesn't get much better.

  2. Ha! Lucky you, I am just back from holidays and need serious drying out session. What is it about rose on ice in the sun that makes it ok to start at 11am and drink all day?!

  3. You had me at "drunken haze." Wow, what a gorgeous house, you can imagine being totally happy and complete in that kitchen. Your dress with that brown belt is sublime. Cement mixer? No way!


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