Monday, 2 July 2012

ball gowns on the beach

I've always struggled with basics as I find shopping for them so dull. On the other hand, I have a huge oversupply of ball dresses as the possibilities are so much more interesting when buying them, and somehow they always seem better value for money, although on a cost per wear basis that is nuts (just call me Emma Bovary). The maxi dress is very much 'in ' this year and I wondered if any of these could be passed off as beach wear.
Matthew Williamson top for Nikki Beach not so much maxi, but anything else would be like wearing a Burka.

Versace inspired dress, I think not, this is a little over the top for day wear even in St tropez.
This is actually a wedding dress from Monsoon, but I think with the basket bag is OK for lunch at 55.

I bought this Temperley one with the bag at Bicester last week.


  1. Loving all of it, and OMG , your legs! Oh to be in the tall club.

    I love Club 55, sand in my toes in just memory now, today was horrendous, non stop lashing rain.

    What should I wear for London on Friday? I'm totally stumped.

  2. Winter clothes and mac, there is a constant drizzle, nothing exciting, but just enough to not want to go outside. If it brightens up though...everyone is so desperate for some sun that the minute it arrives everyone dresses up to the nines in all the summer frocks and accessories that they haven't been able to wear yet, so glam up as much as you want and you will still be under dressed!


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