Friday, 6 July 2012

Holiday makeovers

Not sure what possessed me when I bought these Plein Sud jeans, I think I may have thought they are French and must be chic. They are truly awful, I cut them into shorts, but I think that they are destined only for wear in the garden.
The silk dress is from Tesco, the silk is nice and I liked the colour, but the length is that really bad Aunt Sally length that is not good for my body shape. As I am rubbish with a needle and thread, the makeover has to involve only a belt and some tucking in, and wearing it back to front.


  1. A few little successful DIY projects there! The shorts look great but agree on the jeans beforehand! I like the dress before the belt added, I'd just get a seamstress to lob a couple of inches off it!

  2. You are right, I was going for the wide belt D & G look, but it is pretty obvious what I have done, don't think the dress will be visiting St Trop either xx


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