Tuesday, 3 April 2012

What to do when you want to save money and...

...you love Manolo Blahniks, I love these magical shoes by the maestro, but didn't have the original £700+, or even the £300 second hand to splurge on shoes I would probably never wear.
And so I had great fun making my own....

 Shoes £3.99 from ebay...

 foliage free from some old silk flowers which were looking a little the worse for wear...
 Superglue doesn't bond well fabric to fabric, thank goodness for the plastic straps

 ta da! they fit and are very comfortable
 Fingers are the casualties, but as much as I love a perfect manicure on others, for me it makes me feel a little sad like a life half lived, no danger of that for a while....


  1. Fantastic! I'm crowning you the spring princess and making you dance the Rite of Spring now.
    I have seen the trunk. I want the trunk. I don't care for LV bags but the trunks...oh sublime.

  2. Totally impractical ( both trunk and the shoes ) the only constant in my life!

  3. Yes, but those things make up for life's woes, they should be on the NHS.


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