Monday, 2 April 2012

Daily Diet update and reasons to be cheerful

I have fallen off the wagon with the healthy eating and dieting and put on 3 kg in the last couple of weeks. It coincides with an absence of blogging so I must try to do better.
Yesterday I started to try to be good again.

Today current weight: 65kg, 143 pounds, 10 stone 3 
Yesterday Exercise; 30 mins x training, 1 hour hardcore body conditioning, 40 minutes dog walking and running
Yesterday Food intake; 
Breakfast; coffee, dehydrated greens, fruit
Mid morning snack; coffee
Lunch; tuna salad, with coucous mix, dill salad cream, sprouted seeds
Afternoon; tea and piece of liver, apple and strawberries
Dinner; sausage, red cabbage and apple mix, couscous mix and spinach with prune and raisin chutney

Reasons to be cheerful;
The sun has been shining continuously.
I have caught up with lots of friends and family(much eating drinking and making merry!)
Business looks like it is picking up and moving forward.
The summer holiday feels closer as the weather reminds me that summer is just around the corner.


  1. I have just jumped back on the diet wagon - I think this burst of sunshine is great motivation and inspires you to think of more healthy options plus exercising is easier when the weather is warmer & the nights are longer

  2. I'm trying to be like the French who are very organised and plan ahead before the August reveal! Previously I was more of a last minute crash dieter, with no effect other than exhaustion!


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