Friday, 20 April 2012

Ebay clear out...

Funds are dwindling in my Paypal account and I have my eye on some big ticket summer purchases.  So a bit of a purge is needed to replenish funds, here are some of the items that didn't make the 'keeper' box....

Broidery anglaise dress, not sure what I was thinking when i bought it, possibly the worst shape ever for me.
Anya Hindmarch bag, this plaited style is starting to look a bit dated so will offload before she stops bringing it out as part of current collections.
 Black and white pearls from St Barths Couture, I love jewellery  on other people, but I never seem to find the time to actually finish my own outfits.
 The Seven for all Mankind top succeeds in making my shoulders even more massive than regular t shirts.
 I love the cut and colour of this dress, but can't quite zip it up and never have been able to.
 I bought these to match the dress, they are fab and should go with it.
 This baby soft LV pashmina is huge and cosy, but highlights my grey streaks.
 I love these Patrick Cox shoes but have just never worn them.
 The YSL ruffle bag is lovely but how many bags does anyone really need?
This Coast crochet top is very SS12 so a good time to find a new home.


  1. Lovely pieces! I'm on a clear out too, first up are all of my too tight clothes, if they don't fit me now they never will, I have to ris myself of that Essex girl bursting out of her clothes look pronto.

    1. I hear what you saying, but it does seem a little pessimistic, next up slankets and KFC buckets! I always keep a couple of breath stoppers as a sign of enduring optimism!

  2. I beg to differ, I thought the white dress looks fantastic on you and your tan!

    1. thank you so much, the tan however is straight from a bottle, it is a new one brewed by a friend of mine, as soon as I can reveal the name I will as it is unlike any thing I have ever used before!

  3. I think we need a link to your ebay honey!

  4. To be honest with you, I thought you look fantastic in all of them. Your figure is out of this world!


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