Wednesday, 4 April 2012

A spa day at virgin active in Oxford

A few weeks ago a friend took me to the new Virgin Active club in Oxford.  It is a fantastic set up, built in the middle of a school, so there is loads of parking and beautiful grounds, and the school benefits from a state of the art health club.
The day was completely free as she gave me a guest pass and it was one of the best days I have spent at a health spa, we did a class, swam, sauna-ed, played some very gentle tennis and drunk many many coffees in the Costa Coffee outlet and had a massage which cost only £30.

In the Summer this becomes 6 outdoor courts which are used by the club.

As well as the coffees they served a pretty good cheese and ham omelette.
This is the outdoor pool which is heated all the year round and looks inviting with the steam rising from it.
We ran around like loonies doing a 'body attack class'
The gym had a number of personal trainers who were really proactive in helping everyone

The pool was deserted and great for a relaxing swim

All weather tennis, a great luxury and lots of courts available
I wore an old support top from H & M, the straps had stretched so I tucked it under my sports top for extra support, thinking it was almost a new work out wear look, actually looking at this picture, it just looks like I had forgotten to get properly dressed.  The trip predated the self tan adventure, exhibit one is a good example of the previously described grey/green tinge that I sport during the winter months..

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