Friday, 20 January 2012

old father time mother nature

What trickery do they use to rob us of the life that passes by? Imperceptibly the minutes, hours, weeks, months and years pass. We bearly notice the first grey hair, the laughter line that remains long after the joke, the jeans that keep shrinking in the wash.  I am hoping to confound them with this blog and steal back some of the precious moments and may be even slow down time. These were the memories of Christmas 2011;
Food presents are the best, we got most enjoyment from the caviar, champagne, truffles and chocolate that we would never normally buy.
Anything wrapped in bright pink tissue is inviting.
Christmas isn't the same if it isn't dusted with icing sugar frost.
I really can't wear full skirts even if accessorised with beautiful parcel ribbon.
I am woefully old fashioned about heel height, my 'high heels' are more Suri Cruise than Charlotte Olympia.
Christmas in the countryside is incomparable.
Christmas without children is an anomaly, there are plenty who are willing to visit to play with the tree decorations and be given presents, pure bribery and yet vindication for the hours spent preparing the perfect tree.

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