Thursday, 26 January 2012

home is where the heels are

Since I am tall, and have gone through very large periods,  shoes make me anxious. I have a deep rooted fear of high heels which stems back to an 18th ball, where suffering from laryngitis, I was seated next to a good looking young beau, shortly after our hellos, he  asked me in all seriousness, 'Are you a man in drag'?
Today, I could take this on the chin and laugh with my friends at the faux pas, but as an overweight, awkward 18 year old, with swimmer's shoulders that were larger than any man's, it cut me to the core and shaped my shoe habit from there on.
I adore really high heels on everyone else, and marvel at anyone's ability to totter on anything higher than 3 inches for hours at a time.  But for myself I gravitate to fairly low and ladylike.
My shoe fantasy is fulfilled by Rene Caovilla, I also love the fact that tracking them down is like sniffing out truffles and seemingly there are no Chinese imitations (yet!).

These are my black 'going out' shoes, notice the interlopers at the end, that are actually by Coast, but I like to think, nearly my dream Caovillas!

These are the sparkley Caovilla's that I wear for weddings, racing, christenings and anywhere else where there will be lots of standing around.

And for work.....sensible Chanels.


  1. Oh I am a smout. I would love to be tall, what a genetic gift to have, and what an among array of shoes, umm, what size are you?
    Oh I bet I was more overweight than you were at 18. I fight the lard every single day.

  2. The problem with tall, is that surplus weight just equals HUGE, whereas petite equals curvaceous, especially in DVF wrap dresses, the friend of the shapely and the foe of the skinny mini!


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