Monday, 30 January 2012


Bourbon and Pearls and her ReAura laser has been stimulating my grey matter, not just for collagen production it seems.  This weekend passed in a kind of grey chilly fug and my mood was similar.
However on this supposedly statistically one of the most positive Mondays of the year (apparently first paycheck after Christmas has arrived for most people) I think I that I have crystallised my stance on letting it all hang out, getting old, growing vegetables, allowing grey hair, fat and wrinkles to proliferate without even a pretence at halting the advance.

Ladies, we simply can't, it is our social and fiscal duty to fight the good fight.

An article in the FT today predicts that 20% of the US population will be over 65 by 2020 and in the UK that figure will be even higher.
We should feel no guilt at our attempts at maintenance, it is not about trying to compete with the 20 year olds (my horror is that anyone might assume that I think that I could!), the simple fact is that the NHS  will not be able to deal with the numbers of infirm and those who are fit and well will need to be able to work well into their 70s.
What we do now will make this possible, it is a simple truth that on the days that we look in the mirror and see nothing but old and tired, we lose all of our self-esteem and energy, this is no use in the workplace. The biggest help that we can be to the next generation is to work and pay taxes for as long as possibly can.  My enlightment has made me change my mind on surgery, again, it is our responsibility to invest in a facelift, tummy tuck, boob job, whatever it takes to ensure that we maintain optimum health and psychological well-being.  And this kind of significant spending stimulates the economy much more than saving it under the bed for a rainy day.

Of course a secondary complication for today's young, is that with nobody retiring, those really desirable jobs in larger companies are simply not being freed up for the next generation.  Youth unemployment is at an all time high and unless you want to work at a supermarket checkout, I struggle to see what the options are for the kids today.
Anyone with their own kids is immediately protectionist about their money and time as they know how tough it will be for their offspring.  But those with knowledge and cash to impart and no vested interests are in the position to really help the 20 and 30 somethings who are living in one of the worst periods in our financial history.  And it is about getting local.  Spend your money carefully and wisely and get a certain satisfaction in knowing that every penny does more than just acquire your own goods and services.
Today I am going to book up the following;
IPL zapping from a girl who has just paid out £14,000 to buy all of the machinery to start her business from home.
Fruit and veg delivery box from a local farm.
Weekly food order from the tiny local shop, which stays open I have no idea how and selling only pints of milk to 3 people a day.
I have been promising myself for years that I will buy a piece of jewellery and there is a lovely girl called Lucy Sylvester who makes all of her jewellery by hand and I have made an appointment to visit her workshop this week.
As this is more of a manifesto than a nice touchy feely post, there are no pics, sorry if it is boring, but I feel positively uplifted! Any more getting local tips that you have I would love to hear, join me for the revolution!


  1. Oh no, I caught your fug. Last night I was moaning onto hubs " I'm tired of all the constant dieting, dyeing my hair, making an effort, can we move to the country and call it day? Smock tops and cakes?" I can still see the look of horror on his face, I'll be lucky to hear the key in the door tonight!

    1. I'm sure he is totally bemused, I don't think most men have the slightest idea at the time/cost/pain that goes into maintenance beyond a certain age. However we have to buck up our ideas, it is our civic duty to continue, indeed our country needs us!

  2. Oh, my! Your blog is too good a read to let pass. I'm joining in the follower community! Thank you for dropping by my blog, I wouldn't find you other wise. Keep posting!

    1. Nice to have you drop by, I shall be keeping an eye on Dubai via your blog too!


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