Sunday, 22 January 2012

should old aquaintance be forgot

Finalising my New Year's resolutions always takes a while. Optimism around the holiday period often results in promising the unachievable, it's always preferable to wait until the back end of January to be able to focus on reality.  And this year, with writing it down, I am more accountable.
1. Start the personal training business that I have spent 3 years preparing for even if it means working for free
2. Continue the healthy eating regime and guard against slipping back into the old habits and the 15 stone (154 pound) former self
3. Limit purchases from multinationals and focus on supporting local independents
4. Learn to cook gourmet minceur
5. Jog daily with the pooch for a minimum of 40 mins (he is carrying some post holiday poundage)
6. Create a centralised database of all my friends names, children's names, addresses, email addresses and numbers
7. Arrange to meet someone that I haven't seen for a while for lunch at least once a week
8. Don't slip back into the habit of letting work rule my life

These are some pics of New Year's Eve, wearing vintage Chantilly lace Christian Lacroix and Rene Caovilla shoes, drinking Cristal and eating salmon caught in Alaska by my hunter gatherer with home baked bread and Beluga Caviar.

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