Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Still struggling with good basics for the day time

The weather was bleak again and I was trying to put together an outfit that would work for a range of temperatures, and an expectation of rain. Unfortunately I think the look came off a little like the above, which wasn't strictly what I was going for, I had hoped for the elfin, Feathers style that is all luxury layering and muted tones, but with my build, I just look like a baddie from a super hero film

I'm not sure any of this works, the top is from Top Shop and would really be quite nice on someone, but not me, the boots are wedges from Clarks and super comfortable, but I think better under boot cut jeans than on show.  Where do you find the best basics that do not scream 'I am trying too hard' (a big crime amongst the country set) neither do they whimper 'I have given up completely'?


  1. I seem to have opted for the " given up" option. I have no idea how to dress for the everyday day. I think you look great, you hav an amazng physique, and you're young enough to pull of that look, my jowls are on the descent and I just can't seem to match them to anything!

  2. You are very kind, but you know what it is like when you have an idea in your head and the reality is woefully short! And what do you mean about your jowls you are incredibly youthful looking?!


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